Hidding at Hatena

Hello, thank you for reading!

Where I have been.

Sorry for my long silence. 


I have been away for quite a while and not given any online explanation yet. Sometimes a lot of stuff happens and at the same time very little happens so you do not know any longer where to start when you can speak again. I will start at the moment where I stopped being present.


At the end of September I was ordered strict bed rest. Not being allowed to sit and use a computer very little happened. The good thing was that I had just bought a tablet. The bad thing was that I was drowsy and lacked the energy to do something besides tabbing on a "like" button once a while.


Little was happening and at the same time a lot. A small baby was moving in my belly and after a couple of weeks of bed rest at home I was admitted to a clinic. After some more weeks I moved from the clinic to a big hospital.


Not knowing when or if the child would be born I was surrounded by the sound of baby's all the time.


Even though I had to lie down all the time being pregnant had its fun parts to me. Maybe it was because of hormones, the side effects of some of the medication, or because I was glad the whole thing was not over yet, anyway I enjoyed it.


At the start of December my daughter was born. She has grown a lot since and kicks and yawns all day round. She does need to stay in the hospital for a bit longer but she will be fine.


Writing about how I have been spending too much time in hospitals makes it all sound rather serious. The main thing is I have a daughter, and I am really happy with her.